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Nobody understands you… better than you.

However, my journey has taken me in some directions that have given me deep insights and empathy to what you might be going through.

What I have learned in my years as a health and wellness coach helping thousands of people and myself is that there is no perfect program that you can copy and paste to heal everyone.

There is a hierarchy of healing that cannot be ignored if you want lasting results.

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Many of us fall short of complete and lasting results in healing, not for lack of effort but because we lack holistic knowledge. 

Nicole's approach helps you understand what has created imbalance in your body vs. just offering a supplement or diet plan to mask the symptoms.


Because of this approach many people who have tried everything get results!


This level of comprehension requires a deep investigation not only in of your illness but of your lifestyle, habits, stress levels and beliefs.  

Where many of us go wrong is a "this for that" approach thinking that illness, lack of energy or disease comes from a single origin.

“The doctors of the future will give no medication but will interest their patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”    —Thomas A. Edison 

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The Foundations

The Roots of Disease

of Health
Breath~Nervous system
Exercise~Energy cultivation
These are the basic foundations every one with a body needs

Many people have never been asked about the quality of water they drink or stressful events occurring when their issues started. They find out how these simple inquiries help lead them to the roots of their health issues. 

How many of you have spent countless hours, dollars and energy following advice from various specialists, who never asked you about one or more of these foundations of health?

If you address all of these foundations first, before running expensive tests, buying loads of supplements or placing all your focus on the symptoms, you may find that your problems resolve and your outlook on life, energy and joy returns!
"Disease can not live in a Healthy Body"
A little bit about Me!

By opening up and being vulnerable to all the things that I have been through, I offer a sense of empathy and understanding to anyone who faces a long road of healing.

I am more than a health coach; some might say I have been a wounded healer who has gained great insight from my experience with...

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • A broken spine

  • Failed surgeries

  • Breast implant illness 

  • SIBO

  • Thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances

  • Poverty and the stressors of single parenting


Nothing helped me more than working with a CHEK professional who took the time to dive deep into my life and provided a holistic program that addressed every facet of my day-to-day habits. 

It was such a profound experience that I not only went on to study at the institute for over 12 years to become a Master CHEK practitioner and now I am a faculty instructor for this world's leading holistic health institute.


Juan M, Spain

"I came to Nicole with the priority of healing an eyesight issue. We made several changes to my water and food intake, my stress level awareness, and my movement. I'm very grateful because my eyesight is not bothering me any longer, I'm feeling much more energy and a newfound sense of mental clarity."

Natalie S, Utah

"Nicole is a REAL person who uses her own personal health journey to help her clients understand and embrace the ways they can help themselves to transform their lives. She is a super conscious human and she has a deep compassion for people who need healing, whether that healing is emotional, spiritual or physical."

Deb D, Utah

"It's comical to even compare the difference between working with Nicole and mainstream doctors. Instead of getting the predictable prescriptions with their "let's try this" mandate, Nicole took the time to know me and do tests as her intuition and training prompted. Working with her was worth every penny and I would do it again."
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