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Holistic Goddess, Sexual Power House, Feminine Guide, Divine Mother, Lover, Empath, Healer, Believer


Nicole Devaney is a woman of unique expertise. First and foremost, she prides herself on being a dedicated mother. For over a decade, she was an exotic dancer, model, yogini and paraglider traveling around the country earning a living, seeking gurus to further her development, and flying high. The last 12 years have been spent in the field of Holistic Medicine where she runs and owns Utah’s premier fusion health studio called Iron & Salt, and teaches nationally for the world renowned CHEK Institute. Nicole is a medical intuitive, writer, speaker, and studies shamanism. Her passion lies in womens health and happiness.


In this fast paced world, Nicole helps women learn how to make time for themselves. She believes that beauty is a feeling that comes from healthy habits. She loves to show them how to climb the mountain of self care with ease and grace.


Nicole was raised by a dedicated single mom who worked two jobs to make “ends meet”. After going to college to study business, she decided that the world of exotic dancing was a great place to sharpen her marketing skills and become a keen observer of human nature. The income and flexibility of a dancer's schedule gave her the opportunity to travel and study. Yoga became a passion and she worked with many teachers over the years to hone her natural intuitive skills.


In 2004, she opened Goddess Arts Academy - Utah's first pole fitness studio. It ran for three successful years until the day she broke her spine. Spondilolithesis is a condition that usually is seen in 80 year old women or Olympic gymnasts, but had occurred due to Nicole's hyper flexibility. Not a single chiropractic, stem cell, or prolotherapy treatment seemed to create lasting relief. Doctors said her only answer was expensive surgery that would place a rod in her spine.


In 2006, she lost hope in ever being able to walk upright again. This is when she turned it all over to the divine and asked for help. From a recurring dream, she met and worked with her first CHEK practitioner. Through a year of re-learning how to eat, move and be healthy, she did more than rehabilitate herself, she found her calling. Nicole has pursued a Master’s degree with the  CHEK Institute and in 2015 she was invited to become a faculty instructor. Several times a year, Nicole travels and teaches the next generation of CHEK practitioners to share the gift that saved her life. 


Nicole is co-owner of Iron & Salt. It is a fusion studio that was created for holistic healing that opened in 2014. It is a home-like private facility with a gym, assessment center, and a kitchen. Nicole specializes in spinal pathologies, corrective exercise, and nutrition when working in person at her studio in Salt Lake City. She supports many clients around the world using the same modalities. Nicole considers I&S a place where people can come to learn how to heal themselves. The holistic center is a hub for classes and workshops, and has rehabilitated many people back to their optimal life experience.



There is so much information out there on what to do when you have low energy and health issues, but no one tells you where to start and how to make the changes. Nicole is a master at making change easy and can help you find the right starting point for you to be successful. She offers a variety of ways to work/play with her, and loves sharing her passion with the world.



When we feel good, we have an even greater capacity to care for the ones we love. Often times, we try to do things the other way around, giving more of ourselves than we have to give. This leaves us feeling depleted, resentful, and in need of Botox. But it does not have to be this way! Let me show you how to create balance for yourself in an unbalanced world.


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