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The Tree of Your Life

We all know the importance of movement and exercise. Not only for energy and aesthetics but for the mood enhancing gifts that a regular movement routine provides!

-Movement is Medicine -

  When your ability to move is impeded by pain, injury or even lack of energy, it takes an emotional toll and can leave you with a dismal outlook on life.

Movement is
Energy in motion

With the correct exercise
You can set


Before & After
Three Months training time
How do you know if you need a Corrective Exercise Program?
  • You have tried several times to build muscle or get fit but often halt your progress due to pain or injury.

  • Regardless of your efforts, you just can't seem to change appearance in targeted areas of your body.

  • You dread working out because it makes you feel worse!

  • You are interested in the emotional and energetic blocks that are creating weakness or injury. 

  • You have tried group classes, trainers or even online programs only to not get the results or are unable to perform the exercises properly.

  • You are ready to work smarter and not harder, to see results with less effort by addressing all the foundational principles of health along with an exercise program.

Your Corrective Exercise Program
  • Is designed specific to your equipment availability and can be done at home if you don't use a gym. (Client featured in the photos traveled for work and the workouts that created these results could be done in a hotel room.)

  • Is tailored to your fitness level and designed to build your endurance and strength so each program is just right for your needs.

Stepping into an alignment program with a CHEK practitioner begins with detailed assessments of your body.

We measure muscle imbalances, identifying where you are tight and where you are weak.

Nicole then creates an individualized stretching program that supports you in walking taller and can relieve aches and injuries. 

This will also begin to open the areas where you may have stored memories; the issues are in the tissues! 

An individualized program can begin to unlock the emotional blocks with a physical key. The body is a representation of your beliefs and emotions. The right program may equal years of talk therapy!

The CHEK program distinguishes itself through its exclusive methodology

Your Tree of Your Life Alignment Program Includes Holistic Lifestyle Coaching & Assessments

Holistic Lifestyle Assessment:

Health is beyond just movement and exercise. This assessment will give us an idea of the stressors you are facing and if detoxification is needed to clear the blocks of your dreams. Clean body allows for clear vision.

Diet, Sleep & Digestion Journal

This is where we get a broader picture of your day-to- day lifestyle, how your body is being fueled. This journal can give us more awareness than some of the snapshot blood and stool tests (these are available if you choose to do these, too). You will learn how different foods and behaviors affect you so you no longer need to rely on the guidance of others. 

A Four doctors Assessment:

Dr. Happy, Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Movement are necessary for everyone with a body. When any of these doctors are out of alignment, we can experience anxiety, depression and lack of vision. When out of balance for too long, pain and disease are sure to ensue.

Organ & Gland Assessment:

One thing you may find when looking up symptoms on Dr. Google is that you make two steps forward and one back. There is a hierarchy of healing and you must start with the organs that need to heal first in order to see results in others. This assessment takes the guesswork out of your journey so you will know exactly where to focus your efforts.

Primal Pattern Diet:

With over 10,000 experts and diet books available,  knowing what is right for you can be a guessing game. This assessment will help you know what foods give you the most energy and best mood. The closer we eat to our ancestors' dietary patterns, the more our bodies thrive. This being said, the world is a vast place and depending on your lineage, where your ancestors were living on the earth can change what macros (fats, proteins, carbs) are right for you.

Included In Your Movement Program

An in-depth
Physical Assessment

This session can be 2-6 hours depending on what we discover and your current injuries. The roots of our pain are not always in the area we perceive it to be. That is why we not only look at injuries but assess every aspect of your body including vision, hearing, tooth health and jaw alignment which can have a profound effect on the body and might actually hold the keys to issues below the neck that are not resolving.


A Personalized Stretch & Exercise Program

The key to success is to start from where you are and build realistic goals based on YOUR desired outcome. By knowing how much time, energy and equipment you have available, this program will be set up in a way that you can commit and will be exactly what your body needs (because we measured it).

12 Hours in Person
1:1 Training

Initially we will be working to correct imbalances in your body and strengthening the weakest areas to integrate your newfound strength into painfree movement. The body is smart and loves to conserve energy and will attempt to use the movement patterns it is strongest in. This is why meeting 2x a week is so important because I will see and correct this when it happens, giving you a sense of how your body likes to “cheat” with the stronger muscles never giving the weak ones a chance. I call this working smarter, not harder because the movements change your aesthetics quicker than hours on the treadmill, all the while helping you to feel better and better.


Three Hours Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Sessions

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen! You will receive guidance, clarity and outlined steps along with the motivation and processing of emotions needed for each step. Healing and cleansing is not just a physical experience. When we work together you will be able to understand the emotional components that arise with dietary changes.


It is not just the number on the scale that determines your results. The measurements we take during your initial evaluation give you a big insight into your pain and musculoskeletal imbalance. Not only will you feel better, we will be able to document and see changes based on the measurements. Your final session we will take some of the original assessments and document the physical changes your body has made.

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"I'm a 66-year-old woman and I like to be active. I began working with Nicole primarily because I wanted to strengthen my bones and muscles.

Working with Nicole thru this process has been nothing short of miraculous. Her deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology have been invaluable.

She has tailored my strength program to fit my needs as they have changed over the course of our work together.

I feel more aligned, balanced and stronger than I ever have and her positive, abundance-oriented support has been a lifeline."

~Annie K. Utah
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