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Tending Your Roots

Every plant has its own requirements to grow 

People are not much different. The key to health is figuring out your needs and giving yourself dedicated care.

Are you ready to tend your roots?
  • Are you tired of starting a new trendy diet or exercise program just to lose focus before you see results?


  • Are you ready to invest time and effort in making changes to last a lifetime?

  • Want to take the guesswork out of the next step and have someone to support you in follow-through?

  • It is time to have your health assessed through the eyes of a scientific, natural, and intuitive approach. 

  • This is a great way to work with Nicole in person or online.

Your Roots Journey includes detailed questionnaires that provided beautiful easy to read color reports 

Holistic Lifestyle Assessment:

Health is beyond just movement and exercise. This assessment will give us an idea of the stressors you are facing and if detoxification is needed to clear the blocks of your dreams. Clean body allows for clear vision.

Diet, Sleep & Digestion Journal

This is where we get a broader picture of your day-to- day lifestyle, how your body is being fueled. This journal can give us more awareness than some of the snapshot blood and stool tests (these are available if you choose to do these, too). You will learn how different foods and behaviors affect you so you no longer need to rely on the guidance of others. 

A Four doctors Assessment:

Dr. Happy, Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Movement are necessary for everyone with a body. When any of these doctors are out of alignment, we can experience anxiety, depression and lack of vision. When out of balance for too long, pain and disease are sure to ensue.

Organ & Gland Assessment:

One thing you may find when looking up symptoms on Dr. Google is that you make two steps forward and one back. There is a hierarchy of healing and you must start with the organs that need to heal first in order to see results in others. This assessment takes the guesswork out of your journey so you will know exactly where to focus your efforts.

Primal Pattern Diet:

With over 10,000 experts and diet books available,  knowing what is right for you can be a guessing game. This assessment will help you know what foods give you the most energy and best mood. The closer we eat to our ancestors' dietary patterns, the more our bodies thrive. This being said, the world is a vast place and depending on your lineage, where your ancestors were living on the earth can change what macros (fats, proteins, carbs) are right for you.

"Wellness is an emotional, physical and spiritual experience. When working with a true holistic guide, all three areas must be addressed for a complete healing as well as serve as a catalyst in the creation of your dream life!"

Your Three-Month Guided Journey
  • Weekly to bi-weekly mentoring sessions to celebrate your wins, challenge you to greater levels of dedication and overcome roadblocks that have held you back in the past.

  • A good percentage of the people who work with Nicole are able to identify and heal simply with detailed assessments of their habits and symptoms. For those who need a deeper investigation, GI, toxin, hormonal and other tests are available. 

  • Each package is specifically designed to work with you! Your schedule, energy availability, stress levels and finances are considered with each action because your success is more important than making big changes fast that don't last a lifetime!

This is an opportunity to grow yourself into the You that you know is possible, one step at a time

Just imagine if you could...

Get out of pain

Have an abundance of energy

Sleep soundly 

Digest & eliminate

Alleviate anxiety

Bring joy to every day naturally 

Set clear goals & achieve them

Lose weight with ease

All of these things and more can be yours simply by making daily habits into rituals of care and tending to the roots of your wellbeing

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"Nicole has helped me through some health challenges over the last few years.
Her knowledge and how she presents it has been so helpful.

She is an exceptional health practitioner whose passion for health and helping others find it is obvious. 

She is very kind and understanding and, unlike other practitioners, she makes sure you understand the “why” behind any choices she presents to you.

She is an amazing person and just being in her presence is motivating and inspiring to move forward in your own life."

~Lisa B, South Carolina
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