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A Healer's Journey



“Change is the essence of healing.
Everything in nature grows and expands, evolves and transforms.
We are always being guided toward our own healing. That is why I say it is a journey and not a destination.”
                                   ~Nicole Devaney

My journey has taken me in many directions that give me deep insights into what you might be going through…


So instead of listing my credentials and education to show you my expertise (I welcome you to click on this link to view my curriculum vitae if that is of interest to you) I am going to share with you the journey of my life that led me to become the "How-to-Healer."


“Without the ability to meet our basic needs, our opportunity to expand into physical and emotional wellbeing can be halted.”

I came from a home that was full of love and effort yet mired in addiction and poverty. My mom was a single mother who worked two jobs most of my life. Due to unhealed trauma, she relied on alcohol and other drugs to make it through her days.


I was addicted to the same substances before the age of 18. But I was blessed to step into yoga class my first year of college and through its teachings  began a life of cleansing and supporting my body, healing the addictive behaviors that you could say were my roots!

Little Nicole

I also became an exotic dancer and international cover model at the age of 19 and quickly moved from the experience of poverty into abundance. This allowed me to start working with great teachers and intuitive guides around the world. 


I knew that my body was my job and this began a search for truth of what it meant to take care of it. I became a vegan, moved deep into meditative and yogic practices and traveled the world paragliding. My heart and mind were opened to life's magic and the elements. I thought I was doing everything right!


However, even exercise and strict dieting can become an addiction. By the age of 28, after years of veganism, becoming a mother and competing in the yoga world championships, I broke my spine.


At that time I was also running my first business, Goddess Arts Academy, teaching women the art of health, seduction and pole dancing. I went from an abundant, conscious, happy single mother to someone who could not stand up straight or even pick up my daughter.


I was so scared, not knowing how I was going to provide for her. My entire life depended on the movement of my body. The allopathic medical answer was to place a rod in my spine. I tried so many natural modalities to feel better (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, prolotherapy and more) all of which only provided temporary relief and were very expensive.

I did what most would do in desperate moments and asked for help, on my knees, from whatever source was willing to step in and provide it.

At this point I had a dream (intuition works like that) pointing to my answer. I began to work with a CHEK practitioner.


He measured every muscle in my body and identified the areas where I was weak and other areas I was tight. Bones only do what muscles tell them to. We looked at my diet and started the journey of healing years of food intolerances and protein depletion.


Little did I know this journey would heal more than my spine. I experienced a sense of wellbeing that I didn't even know was possible! I had to know more. Thus began my journey of learning through the CHEK Institute.

Broken spine Nicole journey_edited.jpg

“To give a man a fish is to feed him for the day, to teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”
~Chinese proverb


The institute's teachings filled in the information & science gaps I was missing to meet the intuition I had developed. Looking back I can say that breaking my back was the catalyst that compelled me to learn the anatomy and science needed to match my intuition. 


I love to say that is where the story ends and now I am a thriving practitioner. But it gets better!

In 2017, after 10 years of seeing what this holistic coaching could do for my clients, I had a desire to help even more people.


 I was offered the opportunity to teach for the CHEK Institute!


Stepping into the role of faculty for a world-renowned international wellness institute has been a dream come true. Seeing the number of clients helped by my students brings me so much joy. This supports me in fulfilling my dream of helping our planet heal. It is impossible to have a healthy body without living in accordance with habits that support the earth. 

Nicole Devaney Licensed chek professional

At first, I came to work with Nicole because I wanted to work with someone through the system I was studying. Then it turned it turned into correcting my neck pain. Looking back on our work together it helped me to connect to my physical body and build a relationship it.   
                                    ~Nick W.
Student & Client

The Journey Continues...

Through this magical dream of living my life's purpose, I had an experience that took my understanding of health even deeper. 


In less than a year I experienced all of life's major stressors. After the death of my parents and beloved dog, moving my home and studio twice, going through surgery to have my breast implants removed and the ending of a long term relationship, my body began to show signs of sickness and autoimmune disease.


Even though I was living in accordance with all the ways a human body requires to be well, the level of stress I experienced drove me into a process of having to heal a digestive disorder called SIBO and an autoimmune flare.

"I had always said that stress can kill you faster than a bad diet and no exercise but now I was understanding this on a visceral level."


I had always wanted to better understand some of these trials that my clients faced with digestive issues. Sometimes there's no better way than to become the “wounded healer” and know something first hand.


This more recent journey back to digestive, musculoskeletal, emotional and energetic wellbeing has given me a new level of connectedness with each person I work with.

At this point in my life I am open to difficulties that arise because what I have learned is that they are opportunities for us to grow. Very few people choose to challenge themselves when life is easy!

What I Know Now...

There is no one-size-fits-all plan or protocol that will help the entire world. Each of us has a unique set of circumstances and desires that requires a full perspective of what has occurred in our lives (and sometimes our heritage or past lives).


As a holistic health practitioner I am not the one who does the healing for you (only you can feed yourself) but I help you to see and understand the picture of your life and envision the life you want and show you the way to get there!


Think about my work as a mix of functional medicine, life coach and shamanic guide. There is no way to niche this and when you work with someone who has the ability to address all these areas there will be no stone left unturned.

Nicole Studio & Headshots-24.jpeg

"We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings who need to address all of these areas to live our fullest potential."

Healing holistically and in rhythm with the cycles of nature takes time and has moments of peaks and valleys. In order to navigate the highs and lows of healing we have to have a dream that is worth the work. 


I have found that there is no better gift one can give to oneself than the dedication of our most valuable commodity, time. One gift that comes close is the investment of a highly skilled guide to help you navigate the journey— one who knows not only the path you must take, but has traversed it herself, and can support with encouragement and empathy.

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your healing journey and get started on a path to your most vibrant life experience?
Let's do this! 

To learn more about Nicole's education & credentials 

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